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Latest News

It may have been looking a bit quiet over here at ells.biz the last few months, but underneath the surface, we’ve had our heads down and noses to the grindstone. We’ve been working hard on getting some tracks recorded, and while it’s not currently clear what form this is going to take in terms of being released, I am really proud of how it’s sounding so far, and am looking forward to sharing.

However, the whole writing and recording songs head-space is very different to the booking, promoting and rehearsing for shows mind-set, which is why we haven’t been out and about too much lately!

Having said that, I’m hosting, and will be playing at the annual 4014 Project Carnival Open Mic on the 9th August. If anyone is interested in playing, just turn up to the Rose and Crown, Lower High Street in Malmesbury. 8pm start, see you there!

I’ll also be appearing for a solo set at the Malmesbury Carnival event on August 28th in the Cloister Gardens – music starts around 4pm. Hopefully the weather will be kind and we’ll have a lovely afternoon. More info at the Malmesbury Carnival Website

New line-up!

So, some of you may have noticed, or may have heard me mention it in recent interviews (*cough* here *cough*) that Ells and the Southern Wild have had a wee personnel change in the past few months.

Our lovely bassist Daryl Ball has relocated, and was sadly unable to continue with the band. I’d just like to say a massive (if belated) official thank you to Daryl for all the hard work he put in, for all the slightly inappropriate jokes and the good times we shared. We miss you!

However, we also have a new face to introduce – please welcome Bob Ball (no relation) on lead guitar! We played our first gig together earlier in the month at The Roaring Donkey in Swindon, and I’m very happy to say that I think it’s sounding great. Every musician adds their own style to a band’s overall sounds, so we’re currently busy exploring the sonic possibilities of the new line-up and predict that it will evolve naturally over time. Stay tuned!

We are in the process of recruiting another bassist so, if you think you are the right person for the job, please do get in touch at ells@ells.biz

Live and Local Podcast

As promised, the podcast from yesterday’s interview on Swindon 105.5 with Sean Hodgson is here:

I’m on in hour two, but there’s also some great tunes from local musicians so if you have the time check out the whole show.

And if you enjoy the show, you can find Live and Local here on Facebook

Many thanks to Sean and Stu for the great chat and laugh!

Single Launch – June 6th!

Ells and The Southern Wild Single Launch

It’s almost time!

Don’t miss out on The Southern Wild’s first (but most definitely not last!) full performance with me at Riff’s Bar on Friday the 6th June!

The night is part of the fantastic Acoustic Session which takes place at Riffs every Friday, and includes an Open Mic between 7 and 9 – so if you can play, bring along your instruments – and a set from the fab Gilmore and Jaz. Tiggy’s now legendary tapas will be available, and of course, you can get your hands on one of the limited copies of the CD single.

Get in!

In Which a Music Video is Made

November 2013 – a group of intrepid friends trek up to Barbury Castle, Wiltshire with the intention of filming a music video for my song ‘His Words Lie Heavy’. It’s raining, well, tipping down, but we make the journey anyway in the hope of getting some moody outside shots.

We mostly just end up getting wet.

So, after a quick scout round to suss out the location, we decided that interior shots would be a better plan.

Attempt number two at doing the outside scenes at Barbury happened later in the month. As it was still November, it was still raining – but this time we thought we might get away with the weather and get some decent footage anyway.

A cold, wet but successful day later, and the bulk of the video was on film!

We shot a few more scenes over the coming weeks, and then it was off to the editing suite…

And now I am happy to announce that the video will be released in the next few weeks!

Not only that, but ‘His Words Lie Heavy will be released as a single at the beginning of June, both online and as a very limited edition physical CD. I’ll be launching the single on June the 6th at The Acoustic Sessions at Riffs Bar with a performance from myself and the band, recently christened The Southern Wild.

And finally, a massive thank you to James Chadd, Jon Ponting, Emmalene Barlow, Gwen and David Hobson for all their help with the video, Swindon Borough Council for kindly letting us film at Barbury Castle, and of course, Alex Ball and Phillip Webb for having the idea in the first place, and helping me follow it through to conclusion. You guys are the best. (Totes).

All photos Copyright David Hobson 2013.



Free Download and Other News

Hello all – and a belated Happy New Year to you, seeing as this is my first website post of 2014!

The past couple of months has been pretty busy behind the scenes, as I’ve been working with drummer Tom Long (from InSitu) and bassist Daryl Ball (of Bateleurs and Stripped) to get some full band tracks together. There’s more to come, and more work to do, but before Christmas we went into the studio to get down ‘Beasts of Their Own’ which is now available to download for free. Massive thanks and a huge shout out to Dave Saunders at Little Monkey Recording Studios in Cheltenham for his help producing, recording and mastering. Great stuff.

Future plans include doing more stuff with the band, so keep your eyes peeled for updates. For the moment though, I have been writing new stuff and will continue to gig solo and as a duo with Tom on cajon.

Talking of gigging, I am currently booking dates for 2014, so if anyone would like me to play their event, hit me up at ells@ells.biz or use the contact form here.

And finally, I’d like to say a big thanks to you for all your support over the last year – I’ve met some great people and there have been some really fab highlights, including but not only the album launch and this year’s Treefest. If you’ve been following for a while, or even if you’ve literally just stumbled upon my music – thank you for listening. It makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

A Quick Note

Just to give everyone a quick heads up, I have disabled comments on this blog due to the dericulous amounts of spam I have been receiving.

If you have any genuine comments, questions, needs to get in touch for any reason you like – even if you just want to say hi – feel free to email me at ells@ells.biz.

Cheers me dears.

A Quick Update

This is just a quick post to say apologies for the lack of updates on here over the past few weeks – must try harder and all that!

Last minute gig news: I’m playing a set at Tetbury Cider Festival tomorrow afternoon (that’s Saturday the 31st, don’tcha know) at 5pm, day tickets are £10 – more details on the festival here: tetburyciderfestival.com

And just a reminder, tomorrow is also Stroud Fringe Festival, where I’m playing at Bar Greyhound cafe at 8.30 as part of a fundraiser for Stroud FM. This local community station is run by volunteers and helps to promote local musicians in the area, so I’m more than happy to be helping out with a set. Full line-up for the Greyhound is here, and more details of other stages are on the Stroud Fringe website.

Over and out – love to all!

Hello August!

August is here and summer is in full swing – honestly, I don’t know where the time is going! But I am looking forward to this month for a couple of reasons:

  • Gigs! Playing on the 3rd in Cirencester, the 4th in Swindon, we have a 4014 Open Mic on the 15th, Musical Walkabout on the 17th, both in Malmesbury, and a set at Stroud Fringe on the 31st. See the gigs page for times/locations etc.
  • Weddings! Many congrats to Gwen Bruist & David Hobson, and to Emma Fry & Ritchie Plumb who are getting hitched this month. Thanks to Gwen for asking me to be a bridesmaid and to play some songs too. I do love a good wedding, me!
  • Festivals! Yep, it’s almost time for Treefest at Westonbirt Arboretum – this year I’ll be mostly behind the scenes, but there may be some busking going on if the weather’s nice and you may see me popping up on stage to announce some bands – check it out on the 4014 website or the Westonbirt Arboretum site – we have a fantastic line-up this year! And let’s not forget Stroud Fringe or ArcTanGent, both also happening this month.
  • Hot Air Ballooning! Something I’ve always quite fancied doing will be coming into fruition shortly, weather permitting of course… fingers crossed it goes ahead. I’m quite excited already.

In other news, the album Freedom and Flight is now up on Itunes, Spotify and Amazon MP3 – it’s also available to buy in Swindon from Holmes Music and Blood on the Tracks. It should shortly be on sale in That’s Entertainment too!

Peace out. xx