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Changes are afoot!

Over the next few weeks (or months, depending on how busy I am), I’ll be re-jigging this website in a couple of ways. First and foremost, as Ells and the Southern Wild has morphed into Cobalt Fire, this website is going to go back to reflecting my solo work (old as it is!) and any side-projects that come up.

Secondly, I intend to make this more of an occasional music blog, talking about music industry news, music tips and techniques, opinions and/or my life of wrestling with creativity. Or, whatever I feel like really. I used to do some of this over on my old personal blog, so I will likely transfer some of the more useful posts over. I have been missing a space to do this lately, having fallen out of the habit and not updated either of these sites for so long. This site now feels like the appropriate space for it, where everything can be all under one umbrella.

Last night, I attended and performed at a Women in Music event in Bath, organised by my friend Chloe and centred around the theme of ‘sustain’ – how we continue to be creative in a world that is consistently pulling us in different directions. It has given me a lot to think about, and it was enlightening to hear the experiences of other artists. When I have gathered my thoughts a little, I feel that there will be a post coming on this theme… there’s some things I wanted to say, and didn’t and some things that others said that really connected and I wish to examine and share further.

You may need to be a little patient, but hopefully I will start getting things sorted soon.

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