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Thank you Swindon

Swindon is a much-maligned town (and to be honest, I am as guilty as anyone of maligning it), but scratch beneath the surface and you find an active and thriving music scene.

Take for example The Swindon Shuffle and The Stratton Stroll, both events that the Southern Wild and I have played at recently. Organised by locals, featuring local bands and bringing out the local community, both events were great fun and a showcase of the varied music being made in the area.


Ells and The Southern Wild at The Beehive – Swindon Shuffle Day 4 (Thanks to the Shuffle for the pic!)

So – a massive thank you to everyone who made these events a great success. Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep music alive in Swindon! 🙂

Single Launch – June 6th!

Ells and The Southern Wild Single Launch

It’s almost time!

Don’t miss out on The Southern Wild’s first (but most definitely not last!) full performance with me at Riff’s Bar on Friday the 6th June!

The night is part of the fantastic Acoustic Session which takes place at Riffs every Friday, and includes an Open Mic between 7 and 9 – so if you can play, bring along your instruments – and a set from the fab Gilmore and Jaz. Tiggy’s now legendary tapas will be available, and of course, you can get your hands on one of the limited copies of the CD single.

Get in!